Telephone Balance Unit

The TC22 line-powered telephone balance unit provides a high degree of separation between send and receive signals, enabling 4-wire communications systems to interface with the telephone network. In telephone IFB applications, the high drive capacity at the 4-wire output enables a presenter's earpiece to be connected directly to the unit without an external amplifier.

TC22 front panel view
  • Isolated, full-duplex 4-wire interface to non-digital telephone direct exchange lines.
  • The unit is line powered, requiring no battery or external power.
  • Simple optimization of sidetone rejection with any country’s telephone system.
  • LED's indicate "ring" and "off hook" conditions.
  • Input level control with line-sensing limiter and limit indicator.
  • High drive output with level control for direct feed to presenter’s earpiece, etc.
  • Loop-through British & American line sockets provide universal connection to line and telephone set.
  • Connection to the telephone set is maintained while the unit is in use.
  • Small, rugged metal case with XLR3 male & female 4-wire connectors.
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