Desk-top Commentator Unit

The CMU21 is a compact, desk-top unit providing high-quality programme outputs of two commentators' microphones and an interview microphone. Communications are provided by dual switched talkback outputs of the commentary microphones, with headphone monitoring of four external inputs.

CMU21 front panel view


  • Provision for two commentators each to have a microphone and split headphones.
  • Microphone or line-level input for interview microphone or tape playback.
  • Two “Lazy” talkback outputs available to both commentators, using on-air mic.
  • Left and right headphones monitoring of four external inputs and all microphone inputs.
  • Mic. gain adjustable between 20dB and 80dB. Phantom power 6,12,24 and 48v selectable to all mic. inputs.
  • Dual outputs of the mic. mix signal with adjustable limiter, in addition to three direct mic. outputs.
  • LED PPM monitors level of microphone mix signal.
  • Powered from 86V to 264V AC mains input or dual 12V battery.
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